Hallandale Beach


Dating back to 1897, the story of Hallandale Beach begins with the arrival of Luther Halland, a Swedish worker, and is one of enduring growth and prosperity. Today, Hallandale Beach has expanded to offer the quintessential luxuries of a city while staying true to its hometown charm. Balancing a mix of world-class resorts, restaurant, entertainment centers and quaint residences, the city truly does have it all.

Whether it’s exploring the downtown area’s museums or finding something to tickle your palate at a restaurant or losing yourself to its enigmatic nightlife, you’ll never be left wanting for choices, because the opportunities are aplenty! It’s no wonder it’s considered Broward County’s city of choice.

The other face of Hallandale:

Underneath its vividly bright sunshine and equally glimmering nightlife, Hallandale Beach is just like any other city that lines South Florida’s coast i.e. prone to natural hazards. Its low coastal elevations coupled with the fact that 100% of the city’s population lies within three miles of the coastline, makes the city vulnerable to natural hazards such as hurricanes, storm surges, freshwater flooding etc, as several events in history have highlighted time and again. Take for instance, the 1992 Hurricane Andrew. Though its landfall was in South Dade County, the peripheral strong winds that hit Hallandale Beach were enough to cause significant damage from debris, and caused localized flooding in several areas.

With you, at all times:

Owing to its affinity to attract natural disasters, it’s no wonder that the market for restoration companies is booming in Hallandale Beach. With several firms mushrooming left, right and center, the local community is left fumbling to make the right choice. Most don’t take the job seriously, and arrive only hours after the event shakes up the property. The consequence? The burden on your insurance claims costs multiplies significantly. That’s why, be it a flood or a fire, you can always bank upon Hallandale Beach Restoration Company – the leading damage restoration company in Hallandale Beach.

What we provide?

  • Remediating fire damageHallandale Beach Restoration Company Hallandale Beach, FL 954-379-2883
  • Detecting water leaks
  • Fixing burst pipe lines
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Biohazard elimination including mold
  • Damaged items removal
  • Clean up services
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Reconstruction/remodeling


We work 24/7 in the city: Our phone line 954-379-2883 is always open, so that we can respond to your queries at anytime.

Familiar with cityscape: We understand local climatic conditions and the city’s layout, thus enabling us to tailor our solutions accordingly

Technologically-advanced: We’ve loaded up on sophisticated equipment and stay updated with industry trends.

Fast, efficient and affordable: We provide honest rates, and work to minimize the extent of the damage to make our services more pocket-friendly.

We work in multiple zip codes: