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The name Broward County is a thing of the past! This bustling South Florida region is known as BroCo to the Gen-Y. Not only is it famous for its natural beauty, but also for its sun-kissed beaches as well as a melting pot of varied cultures. This quaint and peaceful county has an old world charm with urban amenities in equal measures. But Broward County has been through a series of ups and downs to become the thriving region that it is today. At least a century ago, this piece of land was nothing more than a swamp. But when Napoleon Bonaparte Broward saw this marshy land, he knew that it wasn’t as unsalvageable as the world thought it was. It was his foresightedness that gave this land a chance to become a vivacious province in the modern times.

Disasters galore:

Success stories notwithstanding, history of Broward County is not as neat as we would like to believe. There have been enough instances of natural disasters to call it even unstable to a certain degree. South Florida is largely built on wetlands that were responsible for absorbing and draining excess rainwater. But with constant urbanization, these marshlands kept decreasing, thereby exposing Broward County to a series of natural catastrophes, with events like hurricanes of 1926, 1947 and the devastating Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Even a seasonal summer shower can cause localized flooding in the region!

Hurricane Irma: The Storm the shook Broward:

Most recently, Hurricane Irma in 2017 once again shook the locals’ life out of balance, reminding them that how powerless they are in front of nature’s wrath. Irma went on for days, hurling storms and gushes of wind as strong as 109mph. The trees were uprooted from their spot, cars marooned, and homes and offices were flooded.

By the time Irma left, Broward County was reduced to a pile of rubble and the damage done appeared to be irreparable. But the county didn’t give up in the face of crisis and slowly got back on its feet again. Much of it can be attributed to the great job done by damage restoration companies like Hallandale Beach Restoration Company that provided persistent services and helped restore the lives of the people.

Restoring balance in an unbalanced environment:

South Florida is extremely prone to flooding, Broward County being no exception. You never know what storm will hit you next. Hallandale Beach Restoration Company has been serving the area for more than two decades and knows that it is working in a geographically-vulnerable location. This simple realization played a huge role in shaping our work ethic. We understood that in our business, time is of essence and working 9-5 will not make the cut. This is why we provide round-the-clock service so that the customers always have a professional’s help when they need it.

When Irma happened, we don't remember not working for even a single day when our clients required our help in getting their lives back together. Right from water extraction to reconstruction of damaged sections, we did all!

The expert you can trust:

Just one simple call on 954-379-2883 will put you in the reach of a wide range of services, such as:

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  • Mold remediation
  • Cleanup and sanitization
  • Extracting standing water
  • Reconstruction/remodeling
  • Complete Dry up
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Water leak detection

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